Increasing Service Maintenance Is The Most Profitable Route for Auto Shops


If you own or manage a modern auto repair shop that is looking for continued growth in uncertain times, you need to check out these statistics:

Here are a few important highlights you need to know:

  • The average age of the U.S. vehicle fleet has increased 17% in the last ten years.
  • The average length of vehicle ownership for new and used vehicles has increased 60% in the last ten years.
  • 75% of aftermarket auto repair is performed by independent auto repair shops, while 25% of the business lives with dealerships.

What is this data telling us?

People are holding onto their cars for longer ownership, used cars are in better shape now and are more desirable purchases and most everybody takes their vehicle to their independent, personal mechanic, (as opposed to a dealership), for repairs and service maintenance.

What does this data mean to you?

The key to your shop profitability here (as outlined by this industry-wide statistical data), is increasing excellent quality service maintenance.

Since these days cars are made better, the parts, lubricants, and fluids are longer lasting, AND the vehicles are staying on the road more miles & years.

The OBVIOUS industry answer is toward better, more accurate and more consistent service maintenance for those vehicles.

Your customers are begging you to take care of them better. The majority of vehicle owners want to keep their cars in good running order for longer.

They are looking for a mechanic they can trust that will not only help them achieve their vehicle ownership goals, but also one who won’t take advantage of them.

Vehicle owners want accurate service recommendations that are based on service history and vehicle usage.

You know the true path to any business’ success, is to listen to what the consumers want. Now is the time you to take action start providing the service your customers want!

The ONLY Auto Repair Shop Software that can bring you that level of accuracy with consistently for your customers is: Service Intelligence.

We are an add-on to your Shop Management System, and we mine all of your transactional history and line items, to develop a report for each vehicle.  That report uses a revolutionary data dictionary that reads all of the specific services, dates, mileages of that vehicle and aggregates them into a report.

Imagine how your sales will effortlessly increase when an accurate system tells your customers EXACTLY when services are due now or in the future.

It is all based on the service history of that particular vehicle combined with the daily mileage that vehicle is driven.  These are not “generalizations”, like using Universal Manufacturers recommendations, or Factory Mileage checks/updates, etc.  Every piece of information is specific to that vehicle, the owner’s driving habits and their history of service. Customers trust service data conclusions over inspections and opinions of individuals.

If you are going to compete in this industry, with the projections in the foreseeable future of everyone owning a new vehicle for 6.5 years, (doesn’t even include the people already driving older, used cars – which is the majority of us), then you need to reveal the service maintenance of those vehicles to your customers into a report that compels them to order your services like a menu from their favourite restaurant.

There are alternatives to our software that save you money up front.

You can use any spreadsheet program, go through every line item, every invoice and every service record for every vehicle to find out EXACTLY what it needs by creating formulas, right?  This costs you $0 to start doing today. But at what cost in the long term?

How much more in labor does this cost you to build each report? How much of valuable time is wasted entering data that should be instead used serving your customers even better? Well, we have taken care of that for you.

Our team of developers has created the first ever Universal Language for Auto Shop terms and descriptives.  We customize it exactly to your shop, with the descriptions and keywords that YOU use, cross-referencing all of that with the intervals that YOU choose to set according to your shop protocol.  By doing that, we create your own CUSTOM platform to determine all of the service maintenance of your fleet of vehicles.

Let Service Intelligence do the work for you – we are experts at this, and we are here to help you make more money, increase your customer loyalty and build your business to the maximum level!

Make the right change in 2018 and KEEP UP!

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