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Revolutionize your repair process: Save Time. Sell More.

Experience what a streamlined repair process that frees up valuable time for your Advisors looks like.

You’ll learn how to build triggers into your canned jobs to sell another 10-15% more with ease.

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Canned Services

Use the Canned Service Packages to sell more while improving customer satisfaction.

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Increase Profits

Watch your profits increase with simple systemized selling scripts


Are you struggling to get your Advisors to sell as much as you know they can?
Are you tired of all the excuses on why they can’t sell more?

Sell 10-15% More Services With Ease

Save valuable time with built-in triggers that allow your advisors to communicate the value of services instantly resulting in more sales. Perfect solution for newer Service Advisors still learning mechanical reasoning.

Boost Your Shop Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Using the right values, words, and reasoning in all your job descriptions, sales scripts, and invoicing details creates consistent communication that puts your customers at ease while they understand all of the value you have to offer.

Improve Communication &  Efficiency in your shop


Consistent and professional pre-written canned service packages improve workflow efficiency while reducing issues caused by miscommunication from the customer to the adviser and to the technician and back again.

This training is crafted to offer practical insights, enabling you to execute a thorough and legitimate level 10 repair today, effectively minimizing the occurrence of comebacks.

Dave Schedin

Dave Schedin

45+ Years of automotive experience Former Shop Owner | ASE Master Tech | Master Automotive Coach

Dave is a seasoned Certified Master Level Coach, Trainer, and Seminar Facilitator to business owners, managers, service advisors, and techs.

“My purpose is to support and transform business, transform LIVES in the marketplace and work alongside those that truly want to create abundant, cohesive, and sustainable top-performer teams. My jazz is that I get to help others connect with their authentic self so they can live the life they were created for…and that your business carries that extension of you.”

Accomplishments: $373K/Yr. Avg GP Increase Last 30 Shops

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