Increase Your Auto Repair Shop Sales with Story Telling and Facts


We want to help you identify the reasons that you are not far enough in the black for your Auto Shop.

Increase Auto Repair Shop Sales with Story Telling and Facts with us. If you are like most experienced Auto Shop owners, there comes a time when you want your hard work to pay off and you deserve to enjoy some retirement time, or a few family vacations at least! (Retirement for us usually means sitting around the house, bored, and we end up back in the shop tinkering around anyway, but that is another issue of Auto Shop Owner Workaholic syndrome, LOL)

However, if you cannot afford to take time off or even take a long lunch break, then we have the answers for you.

  1. You have to review your customer reach out processes. If you are not using your existing customer base of satisfied and loyal customers to generate more business for you, then you are missing the boat completely.
  2. Modernize, digitize and progress with the times. Our world today is fast, mobile and immediately responsive.  Your shop has to be competitive in those areas, as your customers expect the same rapid return from you as they do with all the other service providers in their lives.
  3. Provide transparent and scientific, data-based recurring service maintenance status for your customers. They expect it, and they deserve the opportunity to see exactly what is going on with their vehicles – not ¨exactly¨ what the mechanic or service advisor wants to bill them for.

So, now we have to get you a tool that provides you quickly, affordably and easily the above features.

That tool, undeniably the only tool in the industry, is:  Service Intelligence.

For less than the price of brake/strut replacement, you can have these powerful tools at your fingertips every month.

We can show you how to modify your customer contact campaigns – we will get you results.  They will be calling you for more appointments, leaving great reviews, referring their friends and family.

Our mobile-friendly reports and websites, keep your customers on the move with all of their necessary vehicle information, building trust with you and keeping them loyal – they will not go to anyone else!

The data that our software mines from your Shop Management System, is based on scientifically-accurate diagnoses regarding all of the parts, fluids and lubricants that your customers´ vehicles need, identified by their service history & daily mileage.  And they are not your “suggestions” – they are the mechanically-calculated results, based on the service category and the interval protocols that your shop follows.  You cannot give your customers bad information with these reports.

Make 2018 count for your shop – start your savings for your next family vacation – go skiing, take 2 weeks at the lake house, take the family on a Caribbean cruise!

With Service Intelligence, all of this is possible.

Enjoy your Relaxing Life!

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