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Have you ever really thought about EVERYTHING that should go into your labor rate? Do you know if your rate is covering what it needs to be ultimately profitable?

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Labor Rate Intelligence Best Practice

There are Labor Rate Intelligence best practices that once applied you can forever know your rate is full and correct based on YOUR unique Business Model.

Creating a base labor rate to cover basic labor costs in a shop, not just the tech wages, takes deeper, intelligent thought processes. It needs to make sure it covers the three labor types:

Diagnostics / High-Skilled Labor

Diagnostics are very expensive on many levels. The most expensive tech, training, tools, equipment, and ongoing updates AND you’re not moving any parts during that Diag time, so you miss parts profits of $75 to $100 per Hour during that Diag hour!

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Labor

PM Labor is very expensive if you don’t easily find “Who Needs What” and apply PM Intelligent Workflow to ensure you are not missing what the vehicle needs based on each customers driving habits.

Repair Labor


Repair Labor is very expensive in that Repair, along with Diag, are the labor hours with the highest liability to cost you if it comes back and you must redo it again! Your labor rate needs to cover your comebacks and still be at your labor Gross Profit, GP% goal.

This training will show you how to build your annual warranties into your labor rate and still be profitable plus ten or more additional labor-related items built into your labor rate.

Dave Schedin

Dave Schedin

40+ Years of automotive experience Former Shop Owner | ASE Master Tech | Master Automotive Coach

Dave is a seasoned Certified Master Level Coach, Trainer, and Seminar Facilitator to business owners, managers, service advisors, and techs.

“My purpose is to support and transform business, transform LIVES in the marketplace and work alongside those that truly want to create abundant, cohesive, and sustainable top-performer teams. My jazz is that I get to help others connect with their authentic self so they can live the life they were created for…and that your business carries that extension of you.”

Accomplishments: $375K/YR Average GP Increase Last 30 Shops

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