Any auto repair shop can
maximize POS SALES with service intelligence

because SI makes service sales automatic


POS Boosts Sales | CRM Deepens Customer Loyalty | WEB Increases Car Count 


Our promise: Instantly know who-needs-what service, pre-inspection

auto shops lose $200/day or $52,200/year in missed RECURRING service-SALES THAT ARE PAST DUE.


POS Boosts Sales | CRM Deepens Customer Loyalty | WEB Increases Car Count 

SI POS is a POS add-on that reports all service needs at vehicle drop-off, pre-inspection. SI predicts service needs based on your service history and each vehicle’s daily mileage. Most shop management systems and CRMs don’t do this, costing our industry a fortune. If you are servicing 10 vehicles per day, your loses are $100,000 + yearly in missed services customers actually need. SI solves this problem. Try it FREE for 30 days. SI compatible systems.

SI CRM is a full-feature automotive CRM application. In addition, it is a service management system. Vehicle owners embrace the honesty and accuracy of aging historical records based on their vehicle usage. By providing trust-worthy service management reminders (instead of marketing), vehicle-owner engagement is elevated with email open rates at 50% or more. SI texting is even higher.

SI WEB + SEO is a winning combination of mobile-friendly automotive website, content management system, and organic search engine optimization (PPC optional). Content management is unlimited at no extra charge. According to Hitwise, 62% of all auto-service searches are done on cell phones. If your website is not mobile friendly, Google won’t include you in search results! Organic SEO, relevant current content, together with delighted customers’ Google reviews is SI’s winning formula. 

any service-writer can sell all SERVICE needs at vehicle drop-ofF, pre-inspection

because SI POS add-on accuracy makes it possible



SI automatically identifies services needs permitting estimating and service sales upon vehicle drop-off. Really, pre-inspection!


Unbiased service-need recommendations based on vehicle service history and daily mileage builds trust and sales. 


SI POS reporting exceeds customers expectations with ultra-accurate service management and sales transparency.


“We know auto repair! My wife and I owned and operated a shop servicing 450 vehicles per month that was losing money. Then I developed Service Intelligence and increased my work-order average $200 because my service writers never missed a service-need sale opportunity again. With SI, I put maintenance sales on rails.”
Jorge Antico – Santa Monica Auto Center, Santa Monica, CA

Jorge Antico

Jorge Antico

Founder/Shop Owner/Software Developer

Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper

Senior Sales & Marketing Trainer

Rod Caballero

Rod Caballero

Technical Support Manager

Kirsten Antico

Kirsten Antico

Customer Support Manager

intelligent POS ADD-oN, CRM, & WEB SUITE

superhero SERVICE sales

Get Suite $996/mo – Save $2,400/yr

  • James B. Avatar
    James B.

    Great Product Overall wonderful. This software cuts customer follow-up time in half. Customers leave knowing we will be in touch and the status of their vehicle.

  • Jack D. Avatar
    Jack D.

    System works as it should. Very good for service advisors The software integrates with our system very well. Keeps accurate information about each customer's vehicles. Increases customer satisfaction and also it increases their confidence in us. Also very good for the service advisors to facilitate maintenance sales

  • Phil P. Avatar
    Phil P.

    software is very good Comments:customer service has been excellent getting our management system integrated

  • Shawn A. Avatar
    Shawn A.

    Fantastic The system helps a busy shop like ours be on top of marketing internally to our customers, as well as helping with Point of Sale when the car is in the shop. Very pleased with the product.

getting started with si

made easy

1 - Start your FREE Trial

CALL US at 1-877-328-8625 or CLICK HERE to start  your free 30-day trial.


2 - Sales on Rails

SI automates POS service sales by flagging all service-needs based on each vehicle’s daily mileages. 

3 - Total Control

 SI ages service history for 40+ services using your intervals & year, make & model specifics.

4 - Maximize Profits

You’ll be amazed at how fast your profits grow after implementing a few small POS & CRM changes.


Questions? Click chat or call 877-328-8625

Uncork Your True Profit Potential



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I already track recurring maintenance manually. Why use software?

Congratulations, you operate a top shop. However, predicting maintenance-needs is time consuming and often applied inconsistently. SI CRM is simple to use, saves time, and pays for itself from day one.

Doesn’t my shop management system have all the service history. Why do I need SI?

A couple of shop management systems allow setting the next service interval, but it is often used inconsistently. SI CRM automatically syncs with the shop service history and ages 30+ recurring services. It then communicates the service needs automatically via text message, emails, and optionally postcards. The end result is an immediate boost in service sales.

I already have a good CRM. Why switch to Service-Intel CRM?

None of the premium CRMs age shop management system maintenance history or communicate service needs based on each vehicle’s daily mileage. For about the same monthly investment, you can upgrade your CRM to authoritative fleet service management that vehicle owners trust.

Doesn’t Carfax do this?

Carfax collects service history from multiple shops and is able to estimate the next oil services. But it doesn’t load all your service history and accurately predicts 30+ maintenance needs based on each vehicle’s daily mileage.

How much effort is this going to take?

Getting started is a breeze as we do all the heavy lifting customizing the system to your liking. 95% of the training is how to print reports for every customer. You do that and you will increase your profitability by 30% or more.

Is this OEM YMM specific?

OEM YMM usually has to do with tracking OEM services. SI does both. You can track OEM major services, i.e. MBZ A Service, B Service, or track individual components, parts, lubricants or fluids, i.e., MZB oil service, Volvo oil service, Full Syn Oil Service, Semi-Syn Oil Service, etc. SI capabilities are limited only by your detailed service history.

How do I know this will work for my shop?

If you sell 30% more maintenance, you double your profitability. Some shops haven’t experienced the value of predictive service needs. Computerized managed auto care transforms the customer service experience, and they buy more because of it.

My customers already trust my recommendations

Is there such a thing as having too much trust? Replace vehicle inspections recommendations with authoritative aging of service history. Put your recommendation accuracy on steroids with powerful marketing software to get the best results ever!

I need to hire a new service writer first

With SI’s expert reporting at the front counter, your service writer candidate doesn’t require any automotive experience allowing you to choose a “people-friendly salesperson that you can train.

I need to hire a technician first

Hiring good technicians is tough. SI’s benefit is you will be selling more maintenance. Rather than looking for a senior tech, consider hiring an apprentice to perform the less complicated maintenance work.

I use a DVI tablet for service recommendations

With SI, you will use the DVI tablet to sell repairs, not regular services. All maintenance sales are done from the SI reports before the customer leaves the front counter (pre-inspection). SI also shortens the maintenance parts ordering and delivery time increasing shop efficiency!

I am busy already

SI fleet service management capabilities change the shop’s mix of work to favor higher margin recurring services. The boost in profitability gives you the option of sending heavy engine work down the street to keep your bays available for maintenance. The result is faster bay turnover with gross profitability is at 70% or higher.

I already sell a lot of maintenance

Our most successful shops are shops that favor maintenance already. SI makes your life easier. SI computerized fleet service management boosts efficiency, accuracy and credibility. All maintenance sales are done from the SI reports before the customer leaves the front counter. Aging of service history based on vehicle usage is authoritative and trust worthy. Pre-inspection service sales allows quicker parts delivery increasing shop efficiency.