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Service-Intel is a cloud-based program that is compatible with 80% of the shop management systems now in use in the United States and Canada. It properly forecasts mechanical service requirements. It shifts your independent car servicing shop from reactive to proactive mode. You will become a family-owned car fleet service management business.

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Founder & CEO of eAutoClub, Inc

Jorge H. Antico is the ex-owner of Santa Monica Auto Center in Santa Monica, California. With his accounting and computer science knowledge, he recognized a huge flaw in shop management systems.

Management Systems don’t age service history!

He also experienced first hand how vehicle owners don’t trust vehicle inspections. Consumers believe they’re a self-serving way to gain sales. This is costing the Aftermarket an estimated $60 billion/year in under-performed maintenance.

Your clients embrace service need advice based on vehicle usage

This rewards your auto repair shop with more service recommendation approvals. SI benefits the entire Aftermarket ecosystem via a single authoritative and secure platform. Shops willing to partner with parts/lubricant supplies benefit from sales & marketing assistance.

Part & lubricant manufacturers/distributors gain a competitive advantage. Deep visibility of vehicle population service needs, improves inventory planning, and increases promotion ROI.

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Jorge H. Antico

Founder and CEO of eAutoClub, Inc.

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