Journey to Auto Repair Shop Sales Success

Empowering your clients to buy more services

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Increase Sales

Watch your sales increase as you learn to better connect and communicate with your customers that makes them want to open their wallets more.


Are you struggling to get your Advisors to sell as much as you know they can?
Are you tired of all the excuses on why they can’t sell more?

Increase sales by building rapport and trust

Discover the communication style your customers speak in. Analytical? Supporter? Promoter? Driver? Everyone has a different style in which they communicate. By understanding and communicating in the style of your customers, they will open up their wallets more. 

Guide your customer to be a hero in auto repair victory

Learn how to use the hero’s journey framework that guides your customers into buying their needed services. You’ll also see how many advisors accidentally step into the heroes role, which loses the sale, upsets customers, and leads to bad reviews.

Improve Communication &  Efficiency in your shop


See how being a prepared guide to your customers increases sales, improves efficiency, and creates loyal customers. In just a few clicks you will sell more services than ever before with this one trick.

This training is crafted to offer practical insights, enabling you to execute a thorough and legitimate level 10 service today, effectively selling more services without high pressure sales tactics.

Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper

20+ Years of marketing & Sale experience | 8+ Years in the automotive sector | Awesome Beard

Mike is your sales and marketing guide to auto repair shop success. With over 20 years of coaching in marketing, advertising, and sales, Mike is a passionate entrepreneur and gifted marketologist.

Mike has trained and coached hundreds of automotive professionals with actionable, real-world steps to implement technology, social media and targeted marketing that impacts independent automotive repair shops with a positive cash flow.

Mike helps shop owners and managers navigate the complex landscape of today’s automotive Aftermarket service business challenges with common-sense best practices.

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