Double your maintenance profits

Service-Intel POS enables any service writer to double their maintenance profits by automatically tracking service requirements and doing pre-inspection.

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SI syncs shop data

All detailed service history is organized into 40 categories predicting all service needs.

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We provide free training webinars. To get results, just print service-need report at vehicle drop-off.

Superhero Sales

You’ll be amazed at how fast your profits grow after implementing a few small POS & CRM changes.

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Service-Intel POS Predictions Make PM Sales Automatic

Service sales that are declined or missed cost businesses between $100,000 and $300,000 per year. This is based on a $77 loss on 5-15 ROs each day for a total of 261 work days per year.

Maximize your maintenance Sales

Because of its predictive auto-care and reliability, Service-Intel POS enables any shop to boost its maintenance sales. No data entry is required, syncs automatically with compatible shop management systems.

A small add-on to your shop management system, a huge boost in customer trust and service sales!

SI Suite

3 Steps to Sales Nirvana

Sales Intelligence

SI digs deep into your shop’s service records and computes all service needs based on daily mileage. With SI, recurring service sales are approved at drop off, pre-inspection!

Trust-Worthy Recommendations

Accurately communicate service needs with transparency. Start with services they don’t need to build trust and authority, moving into services they do need and explain why.

Service Sales

Sell more services by aging service history based on miles driven rather than upselling from biased vehicle inspections.

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Front-Counter Rocket Fuel

Service-Intel POS

This dependable tool enhances your shop management system by going deep into your shop’s service data and calculating all servicing needs based on daily mileage.

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  • Ultra-accurate POS Service Management and Sales
  • Unlimited (40+) recurring service categories tracked
  • Unlimited 2-way Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Mobile-Friendly Emails
  • Unlimited Shop Service History
  • Shop-Defined Service Intervals
  • Customer Analytics, Segmentation, Reporting & Exporting
  • Appointment Scheduler with Website Integration
  • Lube-Sticker Printing
  • Set-up Support & Service Writer Training
  • Unlimited Multi-Users & Roles. Add $50/mo.
  • Manufacturer and/or Shop Defined Year, Make & Model Service Intervals
  • Unlimited Set-Up & Customizations

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