Are You Another Dissatisfied CRM Customer? You Don’t have to Be


A CRM that provides ultra-accurate service alerts based on the shop’s service records, time elapsed and miles driven is a shop owner’s dream. But that’s not how CRMs work, is it?  Are You Another Dissatisfied CRM Customer?

Are You Another Dissatisfied CRM Customer? You Don't have to Be

Generic CRMs try their best to perform data mining, looking into peripheral data like time-based oil change reminders, mileage-based major services or a thank-you postcard after a service is performed.

Or they use generic data like the vehicle’s year, make and model, and the vehicle’s estimated odometer. Then, they base their recommendations off of manufacturer’s specifications, without regard to work already performed.

They don’t use any of the service history you have stored in your shop management system.

Isn’t this backwards?

Why wouldn’t an automotive CRM create service recommendations on what has already been done, adjusted based on daily mileage of the vehicle? Simple, right?

Why would a system base recommendations off of manufacturer guidelines omitting all work history?

We can do better.

There’s yet another problem that generic “OE interval” CRMs can’t manage: part and labor descriptions. Variations in invoicing descriptions from different service writers cripple most computer systems, or at the least, lead to many errors or omitions.

As a result, the automotive industry in general has shrugged its shoulders and waved the white flag of surrender at the nightmare of analyzing each mechanic’s service descriptions spelling.

There’s a better alternative: a condition-based CRM.

  • It goes above and beyond generic recommendations.
  • It accurately predicts service needs from your service history detailed line items data.

A smarter CRM provides true value to customers, ensures safety and efficiency, and helps you stay competitive.

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