A Smart CRM in Action: Building consumer trust (Part 2)


Building consumer trust

Personalized service recommendations go a long way to generate accuracy in automotive service and doing an honest day’s work. But with a smart CRM, you can also use these precision recommendations to build consumer trust.

Let’s look at another profile of an intelligent CRM:

Generic CRM

An OE CRM generates a 90K manufacturer-based service recommendation, based on biased, generic milestones. In actuality, the recommendations are often dead wrong.

The vehicle owner then wonders, “Why am I being told that I need a major service again? I just spent $1,500 four months ago and was told that my car was in excellent shape.”

Can I trust this mechanic?

Instead of building trust, these kinds of service recommendations get the opposite effect: They build mistrust and suspicion.

What’s worse, you’ll probably never know it happened, and you’ll wonder why yet another customer isn’t coming back.

Smart CRM

You can entirely avoid this scenario with a smart CRM.

Provide customers with condition-based, personalized service recommendations that are adjusted according to their actual service history and daily mileage, and instantly build trust and loyalty.

Here’s how it works:

Not only are postcards, emails and text messages produced, the CRM includes a Point-Of-Sale reporting tool. CRM recommendations are used at the point-of-vehicle drop off. The CRM is so accurate it will guide your techs too.

A driver comes to your shop for an oil change, and you provide her with a detailed, accurate report of the car’s service history based on her daily mileage.

Win: You scored bonus points because she’s impressed with what you know about her car, because instead of generic recommendations, you show her that since the air filter is guaranteed for 12,000 miles and based on the 15 miles she drives per day, she has 6,897 miles left. She can wait to replace it.

Win: Because you provide personalized recommendations and help the customer avoid paying for a service she didn’t yet need, you quickly build a solid relationship and generate trust.

Trust is an invaluable to building a profitable automotive service shop.

With eAutoClub’s dynamic CRM, you get a service that—at drop off—provides both the service writer and vehicle owner with ultra-accurate service alerts, based on the shop’s service records, time elapsed and miles driven. Contact us for more information!

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