An Up-Close Look at How CRMs Are Supposed to Work For Auto Repair Shop

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Marketing, Sales

An Up Close Look at How CRMs Are Supposed to Work For Auto Repair Shop

Computers are able to track every service we perform on our customers’ vehicles, but if you’re like the average shop owner, you’re not taking full advantage of the data. An up-close look at how CRMs are Supposed to work for your auto repair shop in the best way.

The data is there

The average mechanic in the U.S. works on 200 cars a month, creating 500,000 line items over 10 years. Without an intelligent computer to properly “mine” that data, you’re left with a lot of useless information.

A system that can effectively sift through all of that data has the potential to generate useful information and transform your marketing message and service sales. Or at least it should.

CRM ROI Orange
Intelligent CRMs

If your CRM could generate intelligent service reminders based on the hundreds of thousands of line items you’ve collected on your customers’ vehicles, you could really do something amazing.

This kind of CRM could generate condition-based reminders like daily vehicle usage, aging lubricants based on regular or synthetic, and individual maintenance parts installed like engine air filters, windshield wipers, and so forth.

Elusive service

Now, this system could bring that elusive customer relationship management system back into the game.

When we go the extra mile with a custom vehicle-specific maintenance program that saves the vehicle owner money, we impress the customer with clearly superior customer service.

By squeezing every mile out of every lubricant, fluid, or part before recommending a replacement, we are being misers with the vehicle owner’s maintenance dollars.

With eAutoClub’s dynamic CRM, you get a service that at drop-off, provides both the service writer and vehicle owner with ultra-accurate service alerts, based on the shop’s service records, the time elapsed, and miles driven. Contact us for more information!

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