Easy 4 Effective Ways To Stop Customers From Using Your Competition


How to Stop Customers From Using Your Competition

If there ever was an automotive service conundrum, this is it: Standing out from the competition, and keeping customers satisfied.

All it takes is a Sunday special in the newspaper or a direct mail offer, and poof! Your best customers disappear, taking their business to the shop down the street.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Customer satisfaction is easy to get, if you know a few secrets. Let’s work backwards:

The “Trust” Factor

Customer satisfaction is built on customer trust.

In order to trust you, the customer needs to know that you’re an expert at what you do.

Every mechanic shop markets itself as the go-to expert. Your shop can stand out if you offer proof of expertise and service recommendations.

Standing out in this way requires that you adopt a new business model. Easy 4 Effective Ways To Stop Customers From Using Your Competition!

A New Business Model

Instead of running your business by relying on repairs, run your business on condition-based service recommendations. Stop up-selling and start managing maintenance to help vehicles last longer.

Condition-Based Service

Personalized recommendations based on miles driven, last repair or maintenance job, and manufacturer suggestions builds trust. When your customers see that you’re promoting customized service tasks based on their unique lifestyle, they’ll trust what you have to say, and come back to your shop, again and again.

Trust Creates Loyal Customers

Sure, there are factors against which you can’t fight, like higher-quality cars and lower profit margins, but if you get customer satisfaction right, you’ll surely get a leg up on the competition. If you’d like to find out more about condition-based customer relationship marketing systems, contact eAutoClub.com today!

What’s the solution?

Give your customers service recommendations as “due now,” “due in the future” or “never done,” based on their own driving habits and service history. Like a fleet manager, we can help you track, report and maintain vehicles accurately and fairly. Be awesome at the front counter and the experience will be remembered.

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