Your Automotive Repair Service Profitability Depends on Customers: Here’s Why


Automotive Service Profitability Depends on Customers: Here's Why

We know that automotive profitability depends on pricing services correctly and adopting a maintenance-based business model. Your Automotive Repair Service Profitability Depends on Customers satisfaction.

The average net profit for automotive service owners is not even 5 percent. If you fall into this category, you need to make some changes and get your fair share of market profits!

In a recent blog (“Must-Have Skills for Automotive Shop Owners and Managers”), we showed you a simple way to lock in your business’ success by setting prices according to a simple guideline:

  • 70% Gross Profit Margin (GPM) on tech labor (When you bill $100, you pay out $30)
  • 50% GPM on parts
  • 40% GPM on sublet

You’ve probably already realized that to meet these profit margins, you’ll have to raise prices.

And lose customers.

But it’s OK to lose some of your customers

Yes, you’ll lose some customers if your raise your prices, but they are probably the bottom 10% of your customers base anyway—the ones that are least profitable.

With the other 90 percent of your customers, you can now focus on this sales mantra:

Offer 100% of services needed
100% of the time to
100% of your customers.

And you’ll still increase profitability.

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