Jorge H. Antico,

Founder and CEO​
eAutoClub, Inc.​

Jorge Antico is the founder and CEO of eAutoClub, Inc.

He is the ex-owner of Santa Monica Auto Center in Santa Monica, California.

With his accounting and computer science knowledge, he recognized a huge flaw in shop management systems.

Management System don't age service history!

He also experienced first hand how vehicle owners don't trust vehicle inspections. Consumers believe they're a self-serving way to gain sales. This is costing the Aftermarket an estimated $60 billion/year in under-performed maintenance.

The solution is an authoritative, unbiased service-need prediction software call ServiceIntelligence (SI).

SI POS, CRM, and TMP transformed his shop and customers experience

SI is cloud-based software, compatible with 80% of shop management systems in use in the US and Canada. It accurately predicts mechanical service-needs. It transforms your independent automotive service shop from being reactive to proactive. You'll become a fleet service management provider for the family-owned vehicle.

Your clients embrace service need advice based on vehicle usage

This rewards your auto repair shop with more service recommendation approvals.

SI benefits the entire Aftermarket eco-system via a single authoritative and secure platform. Shops willing to partner with parts/lubricant supplies benefit from sales & marketing assistance.

Part & lubricant manufacturers/distributors gain a competitive advantage. Deep visibility of vehicle population service-needs, improves inventory planning and increases promotion ROI.


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