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Automotive service business intelligence

Automotive service business intelligence (read “accurate mechanic shop service recommendations”) has become my obsession. It all started after deciding to own an automotive mechanic shop late in my professional career. I thought that with extensive business, computer science and accounting experience, making a profit in the Aftermarket automotive service business would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong!

Welcome to the SI Auto Pro blog! This blog will focus on:

  • data mining technology,
  • social media automotation and
  • step-by-step implementation of profitability best-practices.

Read how a shop owner became an automotive CRM technology leader and why Mitchell1 added SI Auto Pro to strengthen their own CRM product line with awesome results.
With over ten years of history, totaling over a million service records of parts and labor line items, the service writing process was lacking a formal analysis of previously installed parts and fluids to objectively determine recurring service needs.

Shop management systems do a lot of vital things but are not designed or able to provide predictive service-need analytic for fleet-service tracking style maintenance management.

This was determined to be top priority to improve quality of service and create competitive advantage for commercial and family-owned vehicles.

It turned out that arming my staff with ultra-accurate service knowledge was a winner all around. Service writers knew everything about every vehicle sub-second and technicians saved time by not inspecting everything but rather only what was needed.

Vehicle owners embraced the factual, non-biased nature of the system, easily outperforming any type of marketing such as loss-leader or super-deal offers.
We doubled maintenance sales the day we stopped selling and started educating our customers about the wisdom of “fleet” service-management for family owned vehicles. eAutoClub, Inc was incorporated in 1999 after several in my Top 20 Group asked me to take over their CRM marketing services.

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