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SI Business POS & CRM Suite

SI POS Business Service Tracking


Increase car count and work order averages by knowing sub-second what services are due now or what date they are due in the future. Sales made easy with ultra accurate service tracking.


SI CRM Service Reminders


Create customer loyalty by communicating service needs through a predictable maintenance plan based on the miles they drive per day. Provide a signature service customers will rave about!

SI Targeted Marketing Promotions


Stop wasting your marketing budget with blanket advertising selling services most of your customers don’t need. Find out who needs a specific service and market directly to them.

Save $99/month!

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Predictive Analytical Service Tracking by SI AutoPro has been used by some of the top North American shops for almost two decades now.

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…We doubled our parts bill and increased BG Products sales 150% during the first week! Our BG sales rep came over to see what we were doing. I showed him Service Intelligence.”

Dara, like most shop owners, needed CRM to better serve his customers and increase revenue.

After using other top automotive service CRMs, he turned to ServiceIntelligence.

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Dara Bakhshandeh

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