TMP – High Return Marketing

Are you tired of expensive marketing campaigns that provide a low return on investment?

Are your customers annoyed with receiving continuous service offers they don’t need?

Then you need:

Predictive Service Tracking Analytics TMP 

A marketing software that actually uses your customers service history to communicate offers only when they need the service. 

SI TMP lets me pinpoint the customers specifically in need of the service I’m promoting.  This stops the waste in little advertising budgets.

I can get more from every campaign instead of using costly shotgun style blanket campaigns.” 

~Fred White
Miles Auto Service

SI Targeted Marketing Promotions (TMP)

How using Targeted Marketing Promotions (TMP)

Increases Your Repair Shop Sales

In mere seconds you will dig deep into your management system to find customers that are due for a specific service.

Filter through your customers service history, determining if they had the service before or not, and is it due again.

You contact only your customers that need the service


3 Steps To Increase Your Repair Shop Sales Using Targeted Marketing Promotions 


Step 1

Identify Customers

Pick the service you want to promote. Immediately you will identify all of your customers that need the service based on their service history and daily mileage.


Step 2

Communicate Service Promotion

Send emails, postcards, text messages, or export your campaign promoting your service special only to those customers who need it, on any platform including Facebook Ads

Step 3

Higher Return On Investment

Contacting fewer customers reduces your cost of advertising. By communicating less often with authoritative service needs based on service history, your response rate greatly increases.


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