Know Everything About Every Vehicles’ Service Needs, Instantly

How well do you really know your customers’ vehicles?

If you don’t have service intelligence, the answer is, probably not that well.

In truth, if you want your shop to be an outrageous success, you need to get to know these cars on a detailed, personal level. I mean, really detailed.

The problem is, your service writers simply don’t have the time to get that detailed.

But with SI Auto Pro, you can get an in-depth look at 26 types of service that covers everything a vehicle needs done.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Every service the vehicle has had done.
  • Every service the vehicle has had done and needs performed again.
  • Every service the vehicle hasn’t had done.

Here’s how it works in action:

  • Mr. Smith arrives at your shop and you provide him with a precise report, showing every part you’ve ever installed, aged independently, and the life span of fluids and lubricants.
  • You recommend services Mr. Smith truly needs, and steer him away from those he doesn’t need.

As a result, this intelligent reports builds customer loyalty, grows your business and provides a competitive advantage.

Nothing else offers vehicle owners more value than this kind of report. You will essentially run circles around the competition when you promote relevant, needed maintenance services.

But you need access to the right kind of data to make these recommendations in the first place.

What SI Auto Pro is doing for us, you could call it the next level of computer processing power where the service writer looks at the service history, they would look at when was the last time the tires were rotated, when was all of the different fluids done, and age based on how much that particular vehicle is driven. This gives us actionable conclusions which are driven by mental power/human power.

The problem is that with the pace of business most service writers don’t have the time to do this type of work. SI Auto Pro is pre-programmed to look at 26 types of services…or the average between 26 and 28,  and covers every service that’s recurring for that particular vehicle.

We can also not only look at the things that we have done that maybe needed again, but very importantly we can look at those things that we have never done. If a vehicle has come to my shop 14 times, and I have never rotated the tire, well…I have to really ask the customer a question, “who else services your vehicle?”, off course that cuts both ways. The customers say “CONTACT.FIRSTNAME, you’re it”.

“Oops… um… you know you’ve been coming to me for the last 36,000 miles and I’ve never rotated your tires.” Perhaps, I can say that differently but that’s really what we are looking at.

Now, when Mrs. Wilson comes in, I can provide her with an exact report based on every part I have ever installed, aging them independently, because some things last maybe three years____maybe 36000 miles, or a battery may last 75 months. So these things need to aged  independently whenever they were done.

Reporting like this basically tie business growth and business health to deepening customer loyalty and creating competitive advantage.

I cannot think of anything more valuable to the vehicle owner than to explain to them that in our establishment we run in circles around the competition when it comes to preventive maintaining. The way we do that is by applying technology.

Not only is the I-phone getting smarter, but the computer system that we use here at the shop are also getting smarter. What we are providing the customer now is fleet service management for the family owned vehicle. Nothing less. We are doing professional tracking of every part based on usage. This way we squeeze every mile out of every lubricant, every fluid and from every part we install, and as a result we provide the vehicle owner the most economical maintenance program, bar none.

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