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Service Intelligence

“I’ve used the SI reports 3 times already, I tried your approach and showed them the report, all 3 times on the drop (before the inspection) I sold over $2000 estimates on each one. It is incredible. 3 out of 3. I am so excited!”

Rick Janoski, Shop Operations Manager
Graham Auto Repair

“In a week and a half of using Serviceintelligence, our transmission service sales have gone through the roof. That’s a $1000 service that was simply not being remembered. Since it comes up on the reports, it get’s sold!”

Bruce Taylor, Owner
Taylor Co BMW

“Service Intelligence has continuously outpaced the competition and keeps making their product better every year. I have looked at multiple other CRM’s and they just can’t do what Service Intelligence does.

Tyler Casteel, Owner
Garrett Tire and Auto Center

Service Intelligence is a direct investment into my business It lets me pinpoint the customers specifically in need of the service I’m promoting. This stops the waste in little advertising budgets. I can get more from every campaign instead of using costly shotgun style blanket campaigns.

Fred White, Owner
Miles Auto Service


Today’s inspection process used by most auto repair shops has a huge flaw.
Your customers hate being in the dark of what’s needed until after the inspection. In their eyes, the $100’s – $1000’s in repairs found during the inspection is a process to gain sales.
Tracking all maintenance services let’s your customers know what’s due before the inspection. They’ll also know what’s needed and when.
You’ll build a loyal customer base by ensuring they will never buy a service before it’s needed. You’ll also help them avoid costly repairs by doing services on time.
Your customers will love this trusted process and will buy more maintenance services…




What’s the point of gaining new customers when your old ones are running out the back door?
Keeping your customers is a two-step process.
  1. Amaze them at the front counter with a consistent superior service.
  2. Follow up at the right time with an authoritative message unique to them.
The communication away from the shop includes Appointment Reminders, Declined Work, Thank You Message, Newsletters, Review Campaigns, and Service Reminders
Increase your car count and loyalty with Service Reminder reports. Delivered to your customers while away from the shop, it consults their service needs, due or not.
This compliments the experience when you use the front counter reporting. Your customers will gain trust in your process, bringing them back in the door.



What do you do when you get a generic flyer or coupon for something you don’t need?
You throw it out!
So why do you assume that your auto repair shop customers will do something different?
Now you can target the exact customer you want.
  • Looking for customers in a specific area?
  • Average RO spend?
  • Lifetime spend?
  • Specific year, make, or model?
  • Amount of time away from the shop?
  • Odometer range?
Now that you’ve picked your target, you can deliver a unique message about their service needs.
Hit send and see your open rates skyrocket! Watch as customers take action.


It’s natural to lose customers over time as they move away or sell their vehicles. As such you need an affordable plan to attract new customers.
Your website is the foundation for attracting new customers. Its job is to convert traffic into customers from all of your marketing.
Using our website platform you have complete control of your content in an easy to use editor. You can make quick changes, add promotions, and publish a blog post.
With our Search Engine Optimization services your website will dominate the search engines. It will bring in new customers looking for your services.
The best part is your website will be completely integrated with your SI CRM. Your website will thrive with a consistent design and message with your CRM.


An integrated solution for sustainable repair shop profitability


Call for quick answers to your auto repair shop marketing questions or check for shop-management system compatibility as we keep adding new ones.

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