any service-writer CAN  increase maintenance profit

because SI makes service sales automatic, pre-inspection


lost profit averages $100K/YR  

 (Based on $56 less gross profit on 7 ROs per day, 261 work days/yr.


you don’t need more cars, you need si

turn POS DECLINEd work losses into profit

Instantly close more service sales with SI POS add-on service-need tracking.

Check compatible shop management systems


a small change at the front counter increases TRUST & BOOSTS SERVICE SALES

3 STEPS TO sales nirvana



Service-Sales Intelligence

SI digs deep into your shop’s service records and computes all service needs based on daily mileage. With SI, recurring service sales are approved at drop off, pre-inspection!



Trust-Worthy Recommendations

Accurately communicate service needs with transparency. Start with services they don’t need to build trust and authority, moving into services they do need and explain why.


Super-Hero Service Sales

Sell more services by aging service history based on miles driven rather than upselling from biased vehicle inspections.

  • Charles (Chuck) Wing Avatar
    Charles (Chuck) Wing

    You guys make the phones ring, that is what I needed! ServiceIntelligence is working great. The service tracking is great. I found minor accuracy issues we can workaround. My customers are getting used to it and calling asking, "got your email and why do I have stuff in the red? I... read more

  • Dave Piper Avatar

    I made an additional $10,000 in the first 19 days! I am a MaxxTraxx user and have used ServiceIntelligence for 19 days. I made an additional $10,000 in revenue so far from presenting the ServiceIntelligence Point-of-Sale reports to the customers at the front counter. Before ServiceIntelligence, I used safety inspection... read more

  • Phil P. Avatar
    Phil P.

    software is very good Comments:customer service has been excellent getting our management system integrated

  • Paul L. Avatar
    Paul L.

    Excellent sales tool I have used Service-Intell for years now. It has been my experience that the customers love to see their entire history in a to-read format that shows them where they stand with the maintenance of their car. This knowledge helps... read more

front-counter rocket fuel



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4 - Superhero sales

You’ll be amazed at how fast your profits grow after implementing a few small POS changes.