If you’re looking to increase car counts, work order averages & gain competitive advantage

You need to be paying attention to:

Artificial Intelligence &
Transformative Digital Initiatives

“I am so impressed with the SI system, I sold over $1200 in extra sales within 30 minutes of installing the program.

In the following weeks, BG product purchases jumped 30%”

~Dara Blakhshandeh
Owner of C & D Autocare


Step 1

Identify Service Needs

Dig deep into your database of customer vehicles to identify their service needs based on service history and daily mileage

Step 2

Consult Service Needs

Quickly communicate service needs based on service history data, Know sub-second what services are due now, or in the future

Step 3

Effortlessly sell services

Vehicle owners trust previous service history and miles driven. As a result they buy more services you recommend based on facts, not opinions

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Jorge Antico

Founder & CEO

Jorge owned a 10-bay AAA approved auto center for four years. With an accounting and computer science background, he easily identified the need for transactional data aggregation, reliable prediction of service needs and a superior consumer service experience.

In 1999 Jorge founded his software company, and as a true pioneer in this technological evolution of the auto repair industry, by 2005 the company had marketing agreements with Snap-On and Mitchell1.

Optimizing the Aftermarket’s automotive supply chain with authoritative service-need Artificial Intelligence at the Point of Sale, gives the customers an accurate, technologically-superior assessment of their service needs.

With real-time communication among part and lubricant manufacturers/distributors, and dealers, PartsIntelligence.com bridges all gaps in that system. Everyone benefits with ultra-accurate sales information, increased car count and deeper customer loyalty.

Independent Repair Shop Managers: 

The Automotive Repair Service Industry Is Evolving, Will You Get Left Behind?

The Automotive Repair Service Industry is undergoing profound changes as we speak due to:

  • Telematics
  • Big Data and Predictive Analysis
  • Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
  • Fleet Service Management

Independent repair shops that adapt and use the above mentioned to their benefit
will dominate market share.

The problem is that repair shops have a debilitating blind spot:

They Can’t Track Recurring Maintenance Needs

The information is only available in the management system of the shop, but cannot be used because there is no time to sift through all of those detailed service records and calculate accurately any recurring service needs.

The Result?

Clumsy and Suspicious Upselling from Vehicle Inspections and Generic Service Reminders

Using ServiceIntelligence, the service advisors will know at any moment exactly what maintenance service is needed for a customer – based on the exact daily mileage of every vehicle, and transactional history of it’s service records under a shop’s care.

You cannot get more accurate than that!

Let ServiceIntelligence.com revolutionize the way you serve your customer at the front counter and beyond. Show your customers how you will save them $1000’s by never selling them a service before it’s needed and keeping them away from the dealer a few more years.

Your sales predictions will be spot-on accurate,
and your growth exponential.

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Jorge Antico.

ServiceIntelligence revolutionizes Independent Auto Repair Shops

using Artificial Intelligence and Transformative Digital Initiatives

to transform how auto repair shops consult service needs to the vehicle owner.

$150,000/yr in additional gross sales

“I’ve been using ServiceIntelligence since 2006 and last year I generated over $150K in additional gross sales by consistently presenting services using the SI report. Not all customers agree to all the services, but I let them decide. It’s my job to present all the services that the vehicle needs and I’m alright with customers declining a service. The majority of those that decline a particular service or services end up having them completed as time and their budgets allow.”

Tom Gebbie, Owner – Gebbie’s Auto Care, Lansdale, PA (2009)

ServiceIntelligence user 2017 – Gas Station with 3 Service Bays

An integrated solution for sustainable repair shop profitability


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*Some restrictions apply
Limited seats available each month