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Demandforce CRM Alternative

Discover how predictive analytics creates TRUST & competitive advantage for Auto Service.

Trounce the competition by accurately tracking 30+ recurring services needs, based on actual vehicle usage.

Did you know Demandforce (and other CRMs) excludes all detailed service history?

SI Auto Pro machine-learning ages all recurring maintenance, automatically.

Why is this important, because it is what your customers deserve and expect.

These are key questions shops need to ask when comparing
SI Auto Pro with Demandforce or other auto repair shop CRM.

SI Auto Pro uses Predictive analytics (machine intelligence) which is defined as software that mimics the service-writing process, powered by troves of your shop’s detailed service line-items.

SI Auto Pro exceeds vehicle owners’ expectations with ultra-accurate service recommendations based on their own daily mileage and service history. SI CRM includes contact automation, a mobile-friendly content-management website, social media automation, and online reputation-building

Predict Automotive Service Needs

Automated collection of purchase history and aging of unlimited services allows for predictive purchasing. Instantly see which customers need what services and market with precision!


Establish Better Trust

with Accurate Reporting

Win customers' trust by showing them services they don't need using their specific service history and daily mileage. This ensures that they'll never purchase services before they're actually due.


Increase Work Order Averages

with Better Consulting

By ensuring your customers will never buy a service prematurly, trust is established. They easily purchase more of the services that are due without high pressure selling. This is service-need consulting.



Increase Car Count

with Pre-Scheduling

Predictive automotive service needs shows customers when they are due back for service.
Pre-scheduling their next service appointment reduces the time they're away from the shop. 


"I am so impressed with ServiceIntelligence.

I sold $1K within 30 min. of installation...

...We doubled our parts bill and increased BG Products sales 150% during the first week! Our BG sales rep came over to see what we were doing. I showed him Service Intelligence."

Dara, like most shop owners, needed CRM to better serve his customers and increase revenue.

After using other top automotive service CRMs, he turned to ServiceIntelligence.

Website: Click Here Phone: 619-466-9100 La Mesa, California


Dara Bakhshandeh

Mobile-responsive service reporting at your customers' fingertips when they need it the most!

  • Progressive Service Tracking
  • Simple Checklist Reporting
  • Full Service History Records

Your customers will love you for it and buy more services because of it.