any auto repair shop that is slow on Monday can be busy on tuesday


because SI text campaigns are automatic

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a CRM mavericK out of the box

Service-Intel CRM is preconfigured and totally automated. Upon activation and your approval, SI  accurately communicates service needs, collects Google reviews, and logs appointment requests.

marketing + texting app + service management

Not all CRM are created equal. SI ages shop’s service history based on each vehicle’s daily mileage. Customer communication is authoritative, accurately communicating via text, emails, and postcards. 

3 STEPS TO full bays

Google Reviews, Appointment Reminders, Thank You, Recommended Work, Newsletters, and Multi-Service Reminders



SI Syncs Shop Data

SI CRM is a communications swiss army knife orchestrating emails, SMS and postcards ultra-accurate service needs predictions.



5-Star Google Reviews

Customers are thanked and requested to leave a review. But new customers don’t get review requests until after their 3rd visit.


Get More Appointments

Increase your car count with more appointments requests. Trust-worthy fact-based CRM communication pays!

  • Tyler C. Avatar
    Tyler C.

    Still the Best Comments: I have been with Service-Intel since there were doing CRM for Mitchell years and years ago. Service-intel has continuously outpaced the competition and keeps making their product better every year. I tried out Mitchell's new CRM for several months... read more

  • Jack D. Avatar
    Jack D.

    System works as it should. Very good for service advisors The software integrates with our system very well. Keeps accurate information about each customer's vehicles. Increases customer satisfaction and also it increases their confidence in us. Also very good for the service advisors to facilitate maintenance sales

  • James B. Avatar
    James B.

    Great Product Overall wonderful. This software cuts customer follow-up time in half. Customers leave knowing we will be in touch and the status of their vehicle.

  • Shawn A. Avatar
    Shawn A.

    Fantastic The system helps a busy shop like ours be on top of marketing internally to our customers, as well as helping with Point of Sale when the car is in the shop. Very pleased with the product.

SI CRM out performs all others because

it’s CRM + service management

5-Star reviews and appointments

made easy

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2 - Fleet Management

SI CRM is family vehicle fleet service management predicting 40+ services needs.

3 - Ultra-Accurate

Trust-worthy service management turns customers into brand ambassadors.

4 - Grow Sales

You’ll be amazed at how fast your sales grow after upgrading your CRM to service management.


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