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a CRM mavericK out of the box

Service-Intel CRM is preconfigured and totally automated. Upon activation and your approval, SI  accurately communicates service needs, collects Google reviews, and logs appointment requests.

marketing + texting app + service management

Not all CRM are created equal. SI ages shop’s service history based on each vehicle’s daily mileage. Customer communication is authoritative, accurately communicating via text, emails, and postcards. 

3 STEPS TO full bays

Google Reviews, Appointment Reminders, Thank You, Recommended Work, Newsletters, and Multi-Service Reminders



SI Syncs Shop Data

SI CRM is a communications swiss army knife orchestrating emails, SMS and postcards ultra-accurate service needs predictions.



5-Star Google Reviews

Customers are thanked and requested to leave a review. But new customers don’t get review requests until after their 3rd visit.


Get More Appointments

Increase your car count with more appointments requests. Trust-worthy fact-based CRM communication pays!

SI CRM out performs all others because

it’s CRM + service management

5-Star reviews and appointments

made easy

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2 - Fleet Management

SI CRM is family vehicle fleet service management predicting 40+ services needs.

3 - Ultra-Accurate

Trust-worthy service management turns customers into brand ambassadors.

4 - Grow Sales

You’ll be amazed at how fast your sales grow after upgrading your CRM to service management.

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